To upgrade the software in Rack Multi Control a special "Flash-cable" is required, see Accessories. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Create a folder on your harddrive and name it RFU or any name of your choice.
  2. Download "rmcfu.zip" and unpack it in the folder (RFU) you just created.
  3. Download the binary file to the same folder.
  4. Connect the Flash-cable to a free com port on your PC and to the front connector of the RMC.
  5. Execute the program "rmcfu.exe" and set the correct com port number in [Setup]-[Communications]. Nothing else needs to be changed here.
  6. Check that the paths to the help files is correct in [Setup]-[File Locations].
  7. Select [File]-[Load Flash Image] and click the button with 3 dots. Select the binary and click [Ok] to start the uppgrade. It takes about 2 minutes.
  8. Disconnect the Flash cable and restart the RMC by disconnecting the power cord, wait 5 seconds and reconnect the power cord again.


rmcfwl.zip RMC Flash Utility - Program and helpfiles to upgrade the software in Rack Multi Control. Size: 427kB. Right-click and select Save target as.... to download. Create a folder where you unpack the zip-file. The program is made to run on a PC with Windows 95 or later. A special Flash-cable is required (see Products).
rmc170en.bin This is the binary file that RMC Flash Utility downloads into the flash memory of RMC. Size: 310kB. Right-click and select "Save target as...." to download.
MIB-file that describes the objects a SNMP-program can handle. Can be loaded into HP OpenView or similar Network Manager. Size: 7kB. RMC firmware version 1.67 and up uses rmcmib167.txt. Left-click to read or right-click and select "Save target as...." to download.

Revision history

1.70 Bug fix.
1.67 Now you can have snmp-traps sent when alarms return to their normal state. To activate this, set channel function to "Autoacknowledge + Trap". You must use the mib-file rmc167.mib.
1.66 The RMC now pings "trap-receivers" at startup and then with a 10 minute interval. Status is shown at the web page.
The version number is now shown in the web browsers title bar.
If any sensor at startup indicates an alarm state, the RMC now waits 15 seconds before sending the alarm to make sure that network functions is up and running.
1.65 A couple of bugs have been fixed.
SMS via GSM-modem is now fully functional.
1.64 °C och % have been added at the settings page: Limits.
1.63 Web pages loads faster.
Dynamic uppdate of the status page every 15 sec.
All analog values are displayed continuously.
Quicker response of the front buttons.
50 characters in email fields (receivers).
And a lot more.....
1.54 There is now no need to restart the RMC after adjusting the network settings.
A small bug in the network communication is now fixed.
1.53 One possible bug in the software that could cause the wrong settings form to be displayed in the web browser is now fixed.
1.52 Some shy bugs have now been fixed.
The web user interface is further adjusted to look the same with both Microsoft Explorer and Netscape Navigator.
Some more SNMP-object from MIB-II is now included.
1.51 The RMC now works with Netscape Navigator version 4 och higher. Works best with version 6 och 7.
1.50 The RMC can now be managed with the SNMP-protocol with network management systems like HP OpenView or similar systems.
When controlling the three power relay outputs manually, they can now be programmed to be in on- or off-state at startup. Nice if not powered by a non-interruptable supply.
1.02 Identical to version 1.53 but with no SNMP functionality.
1.01 One bugfix in the program that sends email alarms.
1.00 The first release.

The RMC is - starting with version 1.50 - equipped with larger memory chips. A unit with version 1.00 can be upgraded to version 1.02 but no higher without upgrading the hardware.