IOTEC AB has over fifty years of experience in electronics. Both digital and analog technology.

In the 70s, we made systems for building automation. There were hospitals and residential areas where we controlled things like ventilation units and monitored functions such as clogged filters, temperatures and alarm signals from elevators. Everything was built with digital logic circuits in rack systems.

In the 80's we started using minicomputers. By today's standards, not so much "mini" as it took two men to move these "minis". But everything became much easier. You did not have to use the soldering iron for the slightest change. Just minor changes in the computer program.

Then came the microprocessor and the personal computer, and it became increasingly easy to develop smart products. We built access control systems, controllers for positioning of machine axes and material handling robots.

Our focus today is on the custom controllers we make for our machine-manufacturing customers.